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"By having transportation for my kids."

"This center taught my son his letters and his numbers and colors pretty fast. The staff also have a real love for the kids and my family they es helped out personally with stuff like clothes and even my kids hair getting done when I couldn’t afford to. They’re really a whole life line and you don’t have to ask but if you do they do their absolute best."


"Not only do they provide a safe and clean environment for my child that allows me to be able to attend work they also have a very good enrichment program when it comes to keeping the children well educated on academics on all grade levels and they provide a fun program for the kids when it comes to extracurricular activities and field trips I love it."


"Braelyn’s teacher have made potty training a breeze by having him on a schedule that is easy to follow at home as well! Also, the transportation service have made my work days less stressful. I no longer have to worry about how my daughter will get home from school. It’s a great feeling to know your children are in good hands."


"Learning growth motor skills , and making friends and adopting skills that help them later on in life. Has helped me and I’m very much thank ful. I hope you guys continue to keep up the consistency with the children and helping parents."


"My children making friends and adopt skills that help them later on in life, which allows me to understand and follow through with what they had learned. Has affected my life and help me and my children the best way possible."


"EOTO… has been a big relief for me! The staff is always polite and always going the extra mile to ensure good quality child care! To know my child is in good hands while I’m at work is so refreshing to my heart!"


"Everyone is friendly and kind to my daughter which really makes me comfortable because that was my biggest fear with her going to daycare. I can also tell Phoenix is learning when she is at daycare as well."


"My sons previous childcare he had so much problems I can say each one teach one helped my son improve in so many ways educational wise and behaviorally."


"Kennedi is learning new things every day. Her vocabulary is expanding very quickly and she’s becoming more familiar with potty training!"


"They provide excellent childcare services and are pleasant to work with. I feel comfortable leaving my child in their care."

"My daughter more social and active with others than before. She loves to learn new things & speaking new words every week."


"Enriched the lives of my grandchildren by exposing them and challenging them through education and social dynamics."


"I own a LLC and my work days are long each one teach one helped by being flexible and a helping hand for my son."


"Dr. Dom and staff are awesome. She is willing to work out any and all issues brought to her attention."


"The center has gotten my child to be more open to others again, she loves school more than before."


"My children are constantly learning and it shows when they come home with songs and homework."


"The ability to go back to work and know my child is well taken care of without any worries."


"They make parenting at home slot easier because of what they teach my son in school."

"My kids are more advanced than they ever was they are learning and picking up well."

"Are the teachers and director are phenomenal with dealing with his behaviors."


"Great staff my children loves to attend , also good communication skills."


"I have freedom to work and has helped my child socialize and learn."

"They make me feel comfortable about leaving my children there."

"They are caring and amazing with a special needs child."

"They taught my son how to do “more” in sign language."

"They put up with my oldest! That says A lot."

"Field trips for kids during the summer."

"Flexibility with my work schedule."

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